Create a vision board

I decided to create a vision board and here it is below.  This one is for my personal ambitions and I am just in the process of creating a new one for my business aims. Oh yes, I am aiming high but I love the quote by W. Clement Stone

“Always aim for the Moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

A simple vision board

Why would you want to create a vision board?

Do you want to create a vision board?  Or have you already made one?  And why would you want to make one?

A vision board contains pictures of things that you love and aspire to have or be. Let your mind go and find things that you really would love to have in your life or achieve. Don’t hold back. Be as ambitious as you can.

When you start putting your vision board together, as Oprah Winfrey states

“you unleash one of the most powerful forces on our planet: human imagination.”

Our imagination is incredibly powerful. It is amazing the power behind having a strong vision in our mind and that vision turning into reality. Your subconscious mind can start to make small changes in your physical being that lead you towards your goals.

Think of athletes who consistently visualise themselves winning a race or gaining a personal best in their race times. You would be amazed how many times it works. And if it doesn’t, what have you lost? Absolutely nothing! You have a very beautiful picture in front of you that reminds you what you are getting up for every day and the reason you are working when you don’t feel like it as you have something you are aiming for.

Go create yourself a simple vision board, whether for personal or business aims.  Keep that dream alive ….

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