How just two minutes of your time can increase sales revenue

So that time of year is well and truly upon us and the shops are bursting to the seams with shoppers looking to spend their money.

And this is where customer service can make that all important difference to whether shoppers choose your business to part with their hard earned money or whether to take it and spend elsewhere.

Customer service excellence has always been and will always be one of the critical competitive advantages for any business and is a vital element if you want to increase sales.

customer service

I was in London last weekend looking to find some purchases for loved ones.  I had the money in my purse and wanted to spend.  But after going into one particular retailer, who had what I wanted, the customer service experience left me cold.  The sales assistant was obviously disinterested in helping me and couldn’t even muster up so much as a smile.  Therefore, I decided I would look elsewhere to find the item I wanted.

On the flip side, when I visited House of Fraser on Oxford Street I had no intention of buying anything there.  I was there whilst my daughter was looking and at one point, we both stood still looking around us trying to decide which department to visit next.  A gentleman stopped and asked if he could help.  It immediately became apparent that he was in senior management and had a lady with him holding files, diary and clipboard.

He was so helpful and genuinely cared if we could find what we were looking for, to the point that he turned to the lady with him and told her to go on the meeting and let the others know he would be there shortly.  He didn’t just point us to the direction of what my daughter was looking for but took it upon himself to start looking for the particular item and when a salesperson appeared, asked them to carry on helping us.

I have to say that impressed me enough to decide to make some purchases in the store which I had not initially intended to make.

This level of customer service cost the store nothing and took probably no more than two minutes of time, but the payback from the way we were made to feel and the amount we then spent was significant.

So think of those little things you can do to make your customers feel special and valued if you want to increase sales.  Let them know you care.  Yes, it may take a couple minutes extra of your time but you may just see a significant improvement in your sales revenue and stand out from your competition.


Have you had a good customer experience recently?  Share your experience in the comments below.