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Where, when and what to post on social media

Do you get confused when posting on social media. Are you unsure where, when and what to post. Follow these simple tips to make it all a lot easier. Where to post Before blindly following the crowd and using the same social media channels as everyone else, stop and...

How to increase your reach on Facebook

Why are your Facebook likes getting less and less Have you noticed your reach on Facebook is getting less and less? You are coming up with what you think are fabulously creative posts and yet still there the comments and likes are so intermittent as to be...

Is it time to call it a day in your business

Starting your own home business can be exciting, exhilarating and full of hope.  But what happens if the enthusiasm starts to wane when the money does not come rolling in as expected? All too often, women who start their own home business find them under stress from...

Is a women’s only business club sexist?

I was at a networking meeting and another business woman asked me about my monthly support group.  She asked me if it was for women only and when I said ‘yes’, a chap jumped in and loudly announced that he totally disagreed with my group as it was sexist....

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