Are you aware that you choose your attitude can dictate how productive your day will be?

So it is Monday morning again.  How many of you woke up this  morning thinking on the lines of ‘Oh no, I have to get up again’ which then set your attitude for the day?

How many of you groaned at the thought of having to work again this morning? Did you consider your attitude when you got up or give no thought to it all? If this resonates with you, try this simple trick that someone taught me a while ago.

A simple trick to create the right attitude

Change your language.

When we use the word ‘have’, we feel like we are imprisoned and have no choice in the situation.

Change the word ‘have’ to ‘get’.  So instead of ‘I have to get up again’, you say to yourself ‘ I get to get up again’ or ‘I get to go to work this morning’.

A subtle difference in words but a huge change in attitude.

Choose your attitude

When you realise you have the choice to be able to do something when thousands of people don’t, your mind set can change dramatically.

Consider how lucky you are that you get to go to work, rather than have to.  So many are unemployed and struggling financially with limited options of being able to work to pay the bills.

Consider how lucky you are to get to jump out of bed on this Monday morning when so many don’t have this option whether through disability or illness.

Consider how lucky you are that you get to do the housework when there are so many homeless on the streets who would give anything to have a roof over their heads.

And the list goes on.  Use this simple trick to create the right attitude and see what a difference it makes.

Let me know how you get on in the comments below.