We all love free marketing for our businesses and here are a couple of ways that you may not be utilising.

You probably already know that Google is the top search engine in the world, but did you know that Bing is second?

And more importantly, did you know that both Google and Bing allow you to promote your business on their platforms for FREE?

But MOST importantly, ARE you promoting your business through both these search engines?

If not, you’re missing a trick. You’re missing the opportunity to promote your business in front of endless more people without having to pay a penny. Why would you not want to take advantage of that?

Google Business

When you type a search term into Google you will see local business listings appear at the top of the page with a map showing their location. This is where you can place your business.

Google Business allows you to list your business and add information such as your website, opening hours, list your products and services and post updates. And it’s absolutely free!

The other thing with Google Business is that it allows your customers and clients to leave reviews which can help build your credibility.

Once your listing is set up it’s super easy to go in and amend any information whenever you want. You may want to post updates about your business, add a new product or service, or amend your opening hours such as at Christmas time.

You can find out more about Google Business and get questions answered on the Google Business FAQ page. And to get your business set up visit their How To Claim or Add Your Business page

Bing Places

Bing Places basically works in the same way as Google Business by allowing you to list your business and add your website, photos and opening hours. It’s currently not possible to create new posts as you can on Google Business but you can add deals and discounts.

You can find out more and how to add your business on the Bing website

Take advantage of free marketing

It really is worth getting your business listed on both these platforms, particularly if you trade locally. As search results tend to show businesses local to you, having your business pinpointed on a map in the local search results is essential. It’s great for directing visitors to your website so is a great tool for SEO (search engine optimisation).

Anything that helps increase your online visibility can only be a good thing and with free marketing for your business, it’s a win-win. Block some time out in your diary right now and go get set up.

If you find the whole thing quite daunting and don’t know where to start, do get in touch. As part of The Small Business Kit Hands-On Service, we can do it for you.