Do you have the mindset of a successful business owner or are you just playing around hoping that things will miraculously just drop into place for you?

Too many times I come across those who tell me they are running a small business whilst complaining that they are not getting the results they want.  They blame everything from the economy to marketing just not working for them down to customers just not understanding them. But really?

What is the real reason that your business is not gaining clients and generating income?

So many times during discussions, I find these people are not treating their business as a business but are just doing ad hoc work here and there when it suits them.  They play with their business when they feel in the mood and if they don’t get instant results, go off and do something more interesting instead.

I work with these people and help them set out plans and goals for the month ahead to start moving things forward.  Heads always nod enthusiastically and then when we next catch up these plans haven’t even been started upon, let alone achieved.  It is incredible that the same excuses come up time after time.

  • I wasn’t well
  • I had to take my dog/cat to the vet
  • I had a lot going on in my personal life last month

I am sorry, and I know there are some genuine cases out there, but these really are pitiful excuses. If this resonates with you, do you really mean to say that you were ill all month?  Did you have to take your dog to the vet every day?  Did you really let your personal life take over your business efforts?  Emergencies do happen, but these should be factored into your business and a back-up plan put in place to deal with these.

Have you ever been in employment?  If so, do you think the CEO or MD managed to run the business and pay their staff with the excuses and lack of performance you are allowing yourself to get away with? Do you think if they took time off every day to deal with personal situations they would have held on to their job?  No.  I didn’t think so.

Change your mindset and start to think like a successful business owner.

Stop playing around and decide if it is a truly successful business you want or just a hobby that will fit in when you feel like it.  Change your mindset and start to think like a business owner.

As fired up and enthused as you may be about creating your own business, it will take hard work, commitment and personal investment on your own part along with self-responsibility for making things happen.

As John Barney stated in a past article on why many quit their business, being your own boss is tough and comes with its own pitfalls such as not having anyone to be accountable to and telling you what to do.  This is one of the reasons that many start their own business but soon discover they need to be given constant direction as they lack the necessary work motivation to get the job done.

To build a successful business you will need to be able to motivate yourself to do work that you do not always enjoy and that does not bring instant results.  To be able to succeed, you will need a strong inner drive, work ethic and a laser focus. Sadly too many people I meet lack these characteristics which are needed to accomplish the success they are looking for.

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If you truly want to succeed and have a business to be proud of, start to act like a business owner now.

  •  Set out your goals and specific plans to achieve them and put them into action.
  • Prepare for the unexpected and emergencies and have a plan in place of how you are going to be able to cover these where possible.
  • Set yourself out strict working hours and sit down and work!!
  • Sort out your priorities and get them done.

Because if you don’t, you won’t have a business.  And there will be no-one to blame but yourself.

Need more help?

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