Here are my top 10 tips to make 2018 your best year yet

Be the best

Be the best version of yourself that you can be. Whatever you are doing give it your absolute best.

Dream big

Dream big and step outside your comfort zone to achieve your goals.


Focus on your priorities.  Choose these wisely and focus on them above everything else.


Choose activities that will take you closer to your goals.  Focus on money making activities not scattergun time wasters.

Eat that frog

Eat that frog!  Whatever is important; do it first. Create a morning routine to get the important things done first before you turn on your phone or computer.


Spend time every day visualising your dreams and goals. Have a vision board.  Take a picture of this and keep in your purse.  Keep looking at it.  It’s powerful stuff!

Question yourself

Ask yourself daily “What can I do to make a positive difference today?”  Then go do it.

Keep learning

Keep learning from the best.  Read daily, listen to podcasts, follow those who have been there and done it.  Spend 30 minutes each day soaking up positivity and focus from these people.

Look after yourself

Take time to relax all by yourself.  Eat healthily.  Exercise regularly.  Get enough sleep.  A healthy body and healthy mind will drive your forward more than anything else.

Make memories

Make memories, not money.  Spend time with family and friends.  Give them your undivided time.  Life is short, and no amount of money will make up for missed moments.