When successful people aren’t what they seem!

One of the biggest reasons I see from other women when they are trying to build a business is a drop-in motivation and lack of energy and focus purely because they are comparing themselves to others and just don’t seem to be able to reach the dizzying heights of competitors that they seem constantly online.

Well, let me tell you something. Just this week I had an emergency call from the owner of a number of businesses. From the viewpoint of anybody looking in from the outside, this was a hugely successful person.  They had a couple of very high-profile businesses. They drove the latest top-of-the-range car. They were constantly away on holiday and being seen at all the best parties.

I met with them to find out what they needed and they showed me their cash flow statement. It takes quite a bit to shock me these days as I’ve seen just about it all but I have to admit on this occasion I was surprised. They certainly had me fooled. I knew the person (or at least thought I did) but the reality behind the facade of this high-flying business person with super successful businesses was that whilst they were turning over just short of £2 million the profits were just £15,000!   Yes, really!

I’ve written before about being very careful of believing the outside impression that can be created by others when the reality is a far cry from the truth.  This comparisonitis can be a killer.

Many women building their own businesses that I work with feel they are not successful whilst they are showing profits in excess of £15,000.  They would never even begin to compare their success with that of the business owners that I meet.  But in reality, there are just as successful.  What they don’t realise is that the cars, the holidays, the lifestyle etc are all being funded on credit.

Hopefully, I’ve given this particular business owner enough to work with to rectify the situation, but if you sit there at times wishing you could have the flash car when you pull up outside the school in your battered 13-year-old runaround, you wish you could have the holiday of a lifetime sitting on a beach sipping cocktails when all you get to do is take a long weekend on a camping trip, think again. Because you might just be in a better financial situation than that person you so aspire to be.

Remember, turnover is vanity, profit is sanity.

Stop.   Be thankful for what you have and keep building on that. Don’t compare yourself to others unless you have access to both your bank balance and theirs.