How to create 15 pieces of content from just one blog post

Do you still struggle to come up with ideas of what to post on social media?  Do you get brain freeze trying to think of different ways to engage with your audience?

Well, I have a trick for you that is going to save you so much time and energy and give you oodles of content from just one source.

By repurposing content, you can reach new audiences, gain new followers and drive more traffic back to your website.

Firstly, you will need a blog post.  This can either be a brand new post that you write or go back and find a favourite that you have created before.

From this one blog post, you can now create 15 pieces of content (at least).

All you need to do is create the following:

5 headlines

Yes, from this one post come up with 5 different headlines. This will allow you put out the same post a number of times but to potentially gain more attention with a variety of catchy headlines.

1 key question

Ask a question that leads back to your blog post.  If you are a VA and your blog post is about saving clients time by doing their social media scheduling, ask the question ‘How much time do you spend on scheduling your social media and what else would you prefer to be doing with this time?’

This then opens up a conversation.  Where people respond you can chat back with them, direct them to your blog post for tips and maintain ongoing contact with a potential prospect who may become a client – win win!!


These can be created either from your own words or find a famous quote that is relevant to your post.  Find an engaging image and create a meme for each and post out on social media for people to like and share.

2 top tips

From your content pull out two top tips and use these as social media posts to provide snippets of valuable information to your audience to help raise your visibility and reputation.

1 x 60 second bite size video

Take one of your tips (or both if you like and create 2 videos) and record a video.  Video is a great way of interacting with your audience and letting them get to know you.  Again this will help build your visibility and trust.

1 x 15 min video tutorial

Now do a longer video talking about the content of your blog post.  People who prefer to watch video can see who you are, hear how you speak and pick up your passion for what you do.  You can post this out on social media and also showcase on your website and your YouTube channel.


For those who prefer podcasts, take your video content and create a podcast.  This again can be put on your website for future visitors.

Facebook live or periscope broadcast

A great way to gain new followers is to do a Facebook live on your business page or do a Persicope broadcast.  You can talk about the content of your blog post and take questions from viewers and allow them to share their thoughts.


If relevant, create a worksheet or cheat sheet for your blog which you can offer out as a freebie.  If you an events manager and your blog post is about planning a launch, how about creating a checklist for the launch day.  You can then offer this as a freebie in return for an email address which you can then add to your mailing list.


Now you can see how from one blog post, you can create 15 social media posts that can be used again and again.  What other ideas do you have?  Share them in the comments