How often do you go on your social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter just to keep scrolling through so much ‘noise’ that you really don’t want to read?  Do you find yourself getting irritated and spending too much time looking for something of interest to read?  If yes then read on.

It may be time for a social media declutter!

You have probably heard about decluttering your home but how about decluttering your social media?

What is a social media declutter?

Basically, social media decluttering is getting rid of anything that you don’t love or find useful and is taking up valuable space in your news feed.   It can be a little time-consuming to start with but once done you will have better focus and spend less time filtering through all the irrelevant content that you no longer wish to see.  As a lovely lady in The Success Club put it, it really is no different than decluttering the house before Christmas or spring cleaning the wardrobe ready for summer.  You just remove what no longer serves you.

How to do it.

Work through one social media channel at a time and do the following where relevant:

  • Go through groups you have joined and delete any that are no longer relevant or don’t offer you any value.
  • Go back through your news feed on your business pages and get rid of any items you may have posted that may no longer be relevant to the way your business is now progressing.
  • Go through your connections on LinkedIn and Twitter and delete any people that are constantly posting things you are not interested in. I also get rid of Twitter accounts I am following that no longer hold an interest for you.
  • If you run any groups where you have members who are constantly negative and are bringing the wrong feeling to the group, delete them.  If you want to be truly professional, message them to politely let them know that you don’t feel they are a right fit for the group any more and they would be better finding another group that is better able to help them.  Then hit delete.
  • Finally, go through your personal page on Facebook and really think how your numerous ‘friends’ make you feel.  If there are people there that drain you and you feel your energy level drop just by seeing their name, get rid of them.  You don’t have room for these people in your life when you need every ounce of energy to continue to build your business.  There are always people that make you feel bad about yourself so remove them from your life.  You will feel so much better for it.  If however, you really don’t feel up to deleting them, you can just unfollow them so they don’t show up in your feed.

So now you have completed your social media declutter, you should have gotten rid of all the rubbish that takes up your news feed and causes unnecessary distraction and frustration.  More time to focus on achieving that next level of success.