How To Plan A Successful Home Business Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of planning your business success


Define success

In order to succeed, you must define success.  Success could be defined as something which gives you happiness and satisfaction, but is that all?  A phrase I love which I heard recently is that the key point in finding success is when you find your today is better than your yesterday.

But what does success mean to you?  If you cannot define what success means to you, then you will never know if you have achieved it or not.

So many people think that success only consists of having money or power but this is not the case.  Success will vary from one person to another.  For one person it may mean material wealth and therefore they define their success by achieving a sum of money in the bank, or by owning material items such as a luxury home or top of the range car.  To someone else, success may be time freedom.  They will consider themselves to be successful when they are able to have time to do the things they love and with the people they love when they want.  And to another, it may be by gaining a significant achievement such as winning a business award or completing a race in a particular time.  It could be as simple as working in a job you love.

Take time to really think about what success means to you so you will know when you have achieved your dream.

Be specific

Now you know what success means to you, make it specific.  You need to specific about what you are aiming for or it will all become a bit woolly around the edges and you will never be quite sure if you are on the right track to attaining it or not.

If you have decided that you will have achieved success by being debt free with ample disposable income, be clear on exactly what figure this income is that you will have.  If you want that top of the range car, what make, colour, and engine size will it have?  If you want to increase sales in your business, be exact as to by how much of an increase you want.  Is it by 50% or 100%?  Or is it a specific amount of sales income that you are looking to achieve?

Saying you want to live in a nice house is just a loose dream compared to saying you want to live in a four bedroom detached house, with quarter-acre garden, garage, home office, gym and sea views in North Devon.  The more detailed and specific you can be about what it is that you want to achieve, the better.

Get down to the nitty-gritty of what you really want.  Cross the t’s and dot the I’s.  If you get stuck research online and in magazines for inspiration to help you build that perfect vision.