Whether you want to be successful in life or successful in business, what are the secrets to gaining that success? Why are some people more successful than others? What do they do that unsuccessful people don’t? Follow these simple ways below to give yourself the best chance of success.

Simple ways to be successful


Fail to plan, plan to fail. This is so true. If you don’t have a plan of what you want to achieve, how are you going to know how to get what you want? Write it down. Plan with the end in sight. What do you ultimately want to achieve? Once you have that written down you can work backwards as to how you are going to get there. Take small steps to reach the bigger goal.

Stay focused

Keep looking at your plan and make sure that everything you do takes you towards to your goal, not away from it. It is too easy to get side tracked and led astray so by referring to your plan on a regular basis you can make sure you keep on track and focused on what you ultimately want to achieve.

Find a mentor

Who inspires you? Who has been there and done it already? Who do you trust? Go find yourself a mentor. Watch, listen and learn how they are successful. Don’t ever be afraid to ask someone to be your mentor. Truly successful people love helping others and are only too happy to pass on their experience.

Trust your gut instinct

It may all look good on paper, but if something is niggling inside you and it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. The results of a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that people made the right decision 90% of the time when relying on their gut instinct alone.

Keep learning

The day you think you know it all and decide to stop learning is the first day to your decline. No one can ever know everything there is to know. By keeping learning we open up new ideas and possibilities on a constant basis. We can learn from people, experiences and reading. Life gives us constant opportunities to learn that we should never pass by.

Never fear failure

Failure is a learning curve of how to get it right. I don’t know of any truly successful person who got it right the first time. There is a famous quote about Thomas Edison when inventing the lightbulb

“I will not say I failed 1000 times, I will say I discovered there are 1000 ways that can cause failure”

So when something doesn’t work out, you have not failed, you have just learnt how not to do it.


This is the most important of all. The old saying Just f*****g do it. You cannot sit planning and thinking about it forever. You just have to get off your backside and do it.

By following the tips above, you will stand more of a chance of succeeding at whatever you are aiming at.

Good luck