A key tactic when your content is shared on social media

A key tactic when your content is shared on social media

Don’t lose your manners when using social media

Quite often when I am using social media, whether on my own personal pages or in a group, I see people asking for recommendations.  This could be someone asking for a personal trainer, a graphic designer, a virtual assistant or something else to help them personally or in their business.

If I know of someone and have used them myself, or have heard good things about them, I am all too happy to recommend them and tag them in a post.  What is then lovely is when the person I recommend puts a quick thank you for the mention in a subsequent post or private message to me.

This takes them seconds to do but lets me know that they value my support.

But what about those who fail to use basic manners in thanking someone for their help?  I have recommended a particular business on a few occasions recently and tagged them.  They have then seen this tag, and subsequently joined in the conversation to take advantage of the mention and to try gain business for themselves.  But no thank you or acknowledgement of my support was forthcoming.

Now call me picky, but I personally take this as blatant bad manners.  If I was at a dinner party and I introduced someone to another person who I thought would be a good contact for them and they totally ignored me, I would feel rather insulted.  And the same goes for social media.  Don’t forget the social part of social media.

What actually flabbergasted me this week was a small business whose posts I have been sharing and I have recommended to a few people, actually took the time to private message, not to thank me for my support but to tell me (not ask) to share and promote a new range of products they now have.  No thank you.  Just a demand for more support.

Do you think I am going to help them?  No, I am not.  I simply take it as incredibly bad manners.

So remember that social media is about building relationships.  Nurture those people who are effectively doing free marketing for you by sharing your content and tagging you in posts.  A few seconds to say a simple thank you can go a long way.  By having good manners you can gain yourself more future free marketing from your supporters who are likely to continue sharing your business with others.

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