8 benefits of reading a book on a daily basis

8 benefits of reading a book on a daily basis

There are numerous reports and studies that claim one of the things that successful people do is to read each day.  No, not a Jackie Collins novel but self-help and motivational books.

But why if they are already so successful?  What are the benefits of reading a book on a daily basis?

Because these people realise that you can never stop learning.  There is always something that can be learnt from reading someone else’s perspective or experience.

But what are the other benefits of making reading one of your daily habits?

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body

Whereas our muscles will waste away if we don’t exercise them, so our brains capacity and ability to work will lessen if we do not use it.  Reading stimulates the brain and helps it to keep active so that we are more mentally alert.

Reading improves memory

As we exercise our brain through reading, so it becomes stronger and more able to remember information.  Our memory can improve which can only be a good thing.

Reading helps us to think outside the box

Reading information from someone else’s perspective can help us think about and analyse another way of thinking that we may not have otherwise considered.  This may help our thought process in the future and help us to find new, creative ways of doing things rather than sticking to old habits.

Reading can help reduce stress

As in my previous article How reading can help reduce stress claims have been made that just six minutes can be enough to reduce the stress levels by more than two thirds.  If that isn’t an incentive in our stress filled lives, then I don’t know what is!

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Reading increases knowledge

As previously mentioned, we can never stop learning and there is always a golden nugget of knowledge to be found in anything we read.  We can use this knowledge to help further ourselves and also recall information we have read when helping others.

Reading improves our vocabulary

The more we read, the more words we will come across that we can add to our vocabulary.  Having this additional resource of new words to add to our everyday conversations makes us more articulate and can help build self-confidence.

Reading can help our written skills

Following on from the previous point, the more we read, the more words we learn and add to our vocabulary which can aid our writing skills.  You may find a particular style of writing that appeals and that you can master for your own written work.

Reading can help us reach our goals

By reading motivational books where we learn about others who have been there and done it and survived the hardships it took, we can gain a commitment and determination to keep moving forward towards our own goals.  We can find someone who we can empathise with and to know that we are not alone in our feelings and struggles as we strive for success.

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