How To Grow Your List Without A Big Budget

How To Grow Your List Without A Big Budget

Are you struggling to grow your email list and don’t have a big budget for Facebook ads or other marketing? 

Read on for a few ideas on how to grow your list without a big budget. 

Create a freebie 

Create a freebie and promote through your social media channels in exchange for an email address.  Add this email address to your list for future newsletters. 

Write a blog 

Start a blog.  Provide interesting, valuable content and then have a sign-up form at the bottom.  If people love what they are reading they will happily sign up to read future articles. 

Put a sign up on your website 

Have a sign-up form on your website.  And not just one.  You could have one at the top of your web page, at the bottom, on the sidebar or as a pop-up.  Make it interesting and engaging. 

Run a promotion 

Run a promotion or online contest which people have to give their email to take part in.  If you attend events/trade shows etc, run a competition for the day.  Gather email addresses to be entered into the competition. 

Have a sign-up button on your Facebook business page 

Easy to do and if people like what you are posting they may well be happy to join your mailing list. 

Use Video 

Use video to engage with your audience and then invite them to join your mailing list at the end. 

Host a webinar 

Host a webinar on a subject close to your ideal client’s hearts.  To be able to join the webinar they will have to give their email address. 


Put out posts asking your social media followers to join your mailing list.  It’s surprising how well this simple action can work. 

Have a subscriber-only area on your website 

Offer special promotions or access to a secret part of your website in exchange for an email.  The secret part of your website could have resources only available to subscribers. 

Run a survey 

This gives you valuable market research information and lets people know they will receive a thank you such as a freebie or entry into a draw to win a prize for leaving their email address