Bored of life?  Get ready for an injection of fun!

Bored of life? Get ready for an injection of fun!



When you think about your life do you get excited or do you heave a heavy sigh because you are bored with how things have turned out?

Let me tell you there are thousands of people around the world who feel like life has lost its shine.  Maybe you are one of them we all have many responsibilities and bills need to be paid but should that come at the sacrifice of your happiness?  Hell no!  Thing is I want to shatter this myth that when you become older life becomes boring because that’s just not true it’s how you look at life.

We often think that we have to be doing something big like going on holiday or moving somewhere new for life to be exciting but I’ve got news for you.  You can have fun right this very second it’s all down to how you view life and shaking things up.  Now in my community I am constantly telling my ladies to do new things.  Ask most people how they are feeling and a lot of them will say “same old stuff” why is that?  It’s because they have got lost in the rut of life.  All they do is get up, go to work, make dinner and repeat.  Just reading those words makes me want to go to sleep.

So here’s what to do to liven life up.

Look at life totally differently.  What can you do every day that is different?  That could be leaving your house and walking a totally different way, wearing new clothes, learning new things why not enrol at an evening class or college course.

If we always do the same things in life nothing changes and we are automatically gonna get bored with life.  You have to change things nobody is gonna do that for you stop looking to social media, tv and people to change your situation.  It all starts and ends with you.  If you don’t like how your life has turned out then you have to think what do you want in your life.

Look at most people at the start of a New Year they get totally excited and make New Years resolutions and by the end of January nothing has changed.  Why is that?  It’s because making change is hard and we all need support.  I’ve made changes to my life but I needed support us women have this weird way of looking at the world we think we have to have all the answers and we don’t.

The biggest form of love you can ever show yourself is reaching out for help.

Not one person in the world has all the answers in fact the biggest form of love you can ever show yourself is reaching out for help.

Look at athletes they don’t win medals for doing something a few times and hoping to win.  They have a coach who pushes them to be their best and they do it each and every day even on the days they don’t want to do it.  To get the life you want you have to show up each and every day and keep putting one step in front of the other to make change.  I can tell you now if you don’t have the right support you will give up.  Life will get in the way and then guess what happens you still have the same old life that bores you and you hate how things have turned out.

So if you want to change your life then go easy on yourself and I would suggest that you carve out some quiet time and write down how you want your life to look.  State what job you want to be doing, who you want as your friends, where you want to be living, what adventures you want, make that list as long as you want let your mind go wild.  Too much of society puts themselves in a box and that’s the kind of woman I work with.  The kind of woman whose had enough and wants more a hell of a lot more from life.  She’s fed up shutting up and putting up and she’s ready to make some ripples in life.  We are capable of so much more than just working a job and having a two week holiday a year.

Take one step at a time

There’s a whole wide world out there and all you have to do is take one step.  That’s all!  One step to saying this is the time I make a change.  Instead of viewing making change like Mount Everest what you need is to break it down to small pieces that you can deal with each day and keep moving forward.  I really hope that if you are sensing the need for change that you reach out to someone you trust and get the wheels in motion to have the life you know you’re capable of having.  Your life, your rules, your adventure!

So over to you what are you gonna do next week that’s new . . . post in the comments below …



Melanie WhittakerMelanie Whittaker is 43 years old and lives in the UK.  She has spent all her life working as a secretary in offices and now makes her own line of natural skincare made with essential oils and coaches women on how to have a life they feel totally lit up about.  Melanie spent one summer working in Ibiza and loving the party lifestyle of the island and eight years ago Melanie set off on her own adventure travelling round the world on her own and she visited, LA, Cook Islands (South Pacific), Australia, and Hong Kong.  Melanie’s motto to life is if you want to do something go and do it.  Life is too short to spend it in dead end work and wishing your life away.  Melanie is a bohemian hippy chick and is at her happiest when she’s on a hot beach, with the sun on her back slurping cocktails.

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