The journey to success

The question for today is what have you always wanted to do but keep putting off?  What journey to success would you like to take but haven’t started yet?

The 30 day challenge

How about you just go start on that journey today.  A while ago I joined a 30 day challenge with John Williams of Screw Work, Let’s play fame to help me take my life forward.  Although the course had it flaws, it ultimately turned out to just what I needed as it focused on doing something fun for 20 minutes per day that lets your mind turn to what you really enjoy.  This then opens up all sorts of thoughts about where you want to be in your life.  (This really is an incredibly simplistic view of the challenge I took but you get the idea).

When I was doing my 30 day challenge and completing doing something fund that I loved for 20 minutes each day, I discovered that everything always turned out to be based around coaching women and helping them fulfil their dreams – hence the The Small Business Kit being created.

What do you love doing?

I had always loved coaching and mentoring and had always wanted to work with women who needed help and support in starting up their own business.  I wanted to run my own business providing this support in a way that was open and flexible to the needs of whomever I was working with but the timing had never been right.  But then when would it have been?  If I had waited for the perfect time, I would never have taken those first few steps into the unknown and never started up my own business.  If I hadn’t done something about it back then, in 12 months’ time I would have still been sat there wishing I had done it years ago.  I really needed to stop procrastinating.

I have recently revisited this challenge and today I have pledged (yes that was another part of the challenge – you had to promise to do something and publicly prove to the other ‘challengees’ that you had done it) that I am going to complete a life coaching course that I had investigated a long time ago.

I have decided I am going to stop procrastinating again.  I am actually going to do it rather than just dream about it.  So often my business advice leads me to meet other women who have something going on in their personal life that is blocking them from fulfilling their business dreams.  I have always thought about incorporating life coaching into my business coaching so I really could achieve my dream of helping other women in all aspects of their life.

Keep a journal

So what have you always wanted to do?  Start to keep a journal for 30 days and write down the things that you enjoy.  Spend 20 minutes a day just focusing on doing something that you love.  What pattern starts to emerge?  What is it that you ultimately want to do with your life so that you achieve that unfulfilled ambition?

You may find that that you enjoy writing and decide you want to start to write a book.  You may enjoy making something and decide to turn your hobby into a business selling your handicrafts or art.  Perhaps you enjoy baking and find you want to start up a cake stand at your local market or to create and write a recipe book.  Do you enjoy talking to people helping them with their problems and find you want to train as a counsellor?

Think what it is and then set yourself a deadline for putting a plan into action to achieve your ambition.  Remember, every journey starts with the first step.  But what an exciting journey it could turn out to be.

And let me know what you come up with.  I may just check at your deadline date that you have done it……

I look forward to hearing from you.

Angie x