How To Make Your Dreams Come True With A Vision Board

How To Make Your Dreams Come True With A Vision Board

A true story of how my dream came true

Something spooky happened to me a few weekends ago.  And I swear to you every word is true!

I have a vision board over my desk and for the past couple of years, I have had the photo below on it.

vision board

Even though I have my own office in my house, I have always yearned for a separate space outside of the house but also a space where I can sit and relax outside.

Every day I look at this picture and imagine myself having this built.  I have also wandered around our garden many a time and thought about where could it go, how much will it cost etc.  But there has never seemed to be the right place to put it and I thought it would be cost prohibitive.

And then the strange but true thing happened.

My lovely gardener came over and we decided to tackle an area of the garden that was wholly inaccessible due to a HUGE amount of ivy, old grapevine, and many other things growing.  We had a little shed that was in danger of collapse from the amount of growth over it.

And when the debris was cleared, we found this!

Back garden


Yes, I swear, I had no idea that we had this amount of space completely hidden.  And just compare this photo to the one on my vision board.

It’s the identical footprint!!!!!

Both my gardener and I were completely flabbergasted when I ran indoors and grabbed my photo to show him.

Yes, it needs work, but nowhere near as much as I first thought.  The outline is there.  And even more spooky, the plant is in exactly the same place as my vision board picture.

Some things are just meant to be and maybe if we really believe we can have something, it comes to us in the most mysterious ways.

And here’s another thing

Oh, and talking about spooky, no one else sees my vision board.  Below is another picture of an item I have on my vision board.



Now, my husband is usually completely and utterly useless at choosing presents for me.  In the past, I have received an iron and a microwave for birthdays and just last year had a mop for Christmas as he says he never knows what to buy.

But this year was different.  It was my 50th birthday and this is what he bought me.

My beautiful watch


The photo really doesn’t do the watch justice but apart from the colour of the face, it is practically identical to what I had on my vision board, even down to the number of diamonds around the face and between the numbers!

If you don’t have a vision board yet, go create one.  Even if you don’t believe it and you do this for fun you will enjoy it, but you may just be seriously surprised at what happens over time.  It really can be amazing what can happen when we really focus on something.


P.S.  Have you ever had anything like this happen to you?  Did you have something on your vision board that suddenly materialised?  Let me know in the comments below

Create a vision board

Create a vision board

Create a vision board

I decided to create a vision board and here it is below.  This one is for my personal ambitions and I am just in the process of creating a new one for my business aims. Oh yes, I am aiming high but I love the quote by W. Clement Stone

“Always aim for the Moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

A simple vision board

Why would you want to create a vision board?

Do you want to create a vision board?  Or have you already made one?  And why would you want to make one?

A vision board contains pictures of things that you love and aspire to have or be. Let your mind go and find things that you really would love to have in your life or achieve. Don’t hold back. Be as ambitious as you can.

When you start putting your vision board together, as Oprah Winfrey states

“you unleash one of the most powerful forces on our planet: human imagination.”

Our imagination is incredibly powerful. It is amazing the power behind having a strong vision in our mind and that vision turning into reality. Your subconscious mind can start to make small changes in your physical being that lead you towards your goals.

Think of athletes who consistently visualise themselves winning a race or gaining a personal best in their race times. You would be amazed how many times it works. And if it doesn’t, what have you lost? Absolutely nothing! You have a very beautiful picture in front of you that reminds you what you are getting up for every day and the reason you are working when you don’t feel like it as you have something you are aiming for.

Go create yourself a simple vision board, whether for personal or business aims.  Keep that dream alive ….