Just a few quotes from raving fans

“Oh my goodness this course is amazing only on Module 1 part 2! How things have changed! I think if I had done this course 6 months ago would have been totally different answers than today!!!”

Emma Doherty

Emma Doherty Massage Therapist

Angie Taffs you seem to have completely revolutionised my working methods.

Vanessa Glover

Exmoorfern Digital Book-keeping

Quite honestly the one 2 one with you Angie was money well spent. You offer amazing advice and support and always go that extra mile plus. I would recommend it any day.

Kathy Rustell

RST Web Design

I love your course, especially the mind set for me this has been vital and I continually go back to it, because I’m human and slip off the cart sometimes. I can highly recommend it if you are determined to push forward to another level in your business

Jo Prouse

Nellie's Nibbles

Thank you Angie, you have been such an influence in my progress, it’s like you sprinkled magic business dust over me! Thank you for believing in me it means a lot You are a very empowering woman

Anna Houghton

Anna Houghton Dress Design

I’ve just completed the ‘how to review your business’ module and I can completely see why I haven’t succeeded previously! It’s quite embarrassing actually how badly organised I have been! I had no targets, no records, no idea about what I actually wanted. My head has been completely in the clouds

Gemma Lessinger

Gemma Lessinger Ladies Only Health + Fitness Coach

Great helpful comprehensive information. I so wish I’d read this BEFORE starting my business. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Sarah Rigden

Back To Beauty

Angie’ s business course is great.
It has all the content and support you will ever need at a reasonable price.
Angie is so supportive and helpful, always listening and improving.
It’s a fun way of learning too, with fun interaction and challenges
Thanks so much for being amazing

Cathy Ackland

Harmonize Holistic Therapies

Having the help from you and seeing your inspirational stuff has helped give me the confidence to live life to the full and take this opportunity. You deserve praise for doing such a good job: nobody else around these parts does it like you!

Sally Edney

HQ Salon

Angie is amazing in every way! Her knowledge is extensive, her advice is outstanding and she is a wonderful, down-to-Earth woman who is so easy to talk to and get along with. Her dedication to helping those of us who are struggling with parts of our businesses is admirable and greatly appreciated!

Sadie Lenton

Simply Define

In regards to your site and the member’s area, I think it is fantastic! It is so easy to navigate around and easy to read. It lays out lots of information but in a way that is easily digested.

I am so pleased to have connected as you have provided me with all of the information I need to move my business forward. So many of the other business coaches I have worked with have been vague and have not provided me with easy step by step guidance. They have simply pushed that I secure sales (at high-end prices) which I found most uncomfortable. With your membership site and your generous advice and feedback, I feel I have gained clarity and momentum in growing my business and that I am heading in the right direction!

Caya Munro

Lion Eye's Life

So happy I have joined the group it’s the best thing I’ve done as there’s so much on there to look at.

Jodie Tuttiet

Jodie's Salon

“I recommend Angie’s courses as she keeps it small and personal and goes above and beyond to give you advice. I’ve joined previous groups that I did enjoy but they got so big I felt a disconnect. Way to go Angie!”

Saarah Hyder

Ariaana Gems

Absolutely fabulous! Good sound advice, goes above & beyond to help!

Jane Downing

Ace Forest School

What a truly fabulous lady and fantastic coach! thank you so much, Angie will be taking action today. My ideal client is getting a re-vamp and I’m going for it!

Carol Wildgoose

Love You Love Food

Thank you for the call today and for the valued advice. As I said you, you have a wealth of knowledge but you are able to convey it in a way that even I can understand.

Paula Goode

PG Print

Angie has already exceeded my expectations with her continual support, amazing knowledge and her dedication to ensuring my business is a success. Even when she’s not here looking me in the eye, she is working behind the scenes on my behalf. The members area is full of fantastic on-line resources and are the best I have experienced anywhere on-line.

I’m not sure how Angie makes time to run her own business, while being so dedicated to everyone else, but I do know that if you are looking for someone who will support you whilst wholly engaging with your essence; someone who will coach you through and set achievable tasks; someone who leaves you totally inspired and excited; and someone who has an excellent sense of humour – then you have found Angie Taffs.

Celeste Taylor

Coaching Younique