Have the words ‘thank you’ been eradicated from the English language of late?

It appears to be so at times.

Have we forgotten the importance of thank you?

A few months ago I helped out a struggling start-up business and set them up with a website to help them out. All completely free of charge. I tried to help mentor them and sent emails and messages to ask how things were going but got very little in return.

Now suddenly out of the blue I get a message saying they need to update some details on the site. I sent them the necessary login details and got a reply that they would prefer for me to do it for them which I duly did. I sent them a message to let them know the work had been done and guess what I got in return? Absolutely nothing!

Just one simple message with the words ‘thank you’ would have been sufficient and to let me know my efforts were appreciated. But no, I got absolutely nothing.  When they inevitably turn to me for help again in the future, unfortunately, they will be sorely disappointed as I will not be keen to help.

So please may I ask you all in your hectic, busy schedules, don’t forget the importance of thank you. Just take a moment out here and then to say those simple words of thank you to people who have helped you. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds and costs absolutely nothing, but is worth so much to the recipient.

Moan over for the day.