MLM or network marketing can be both an incredibly difficult business to crack and an incredibly lucrative one if you crack it. The percentage of people who really do make it though is infinitely small, so you are going to have to be one tough cookie if you want to join that elusive group.

And most ladies that I know who enter this industry simply aren’t prepared for the long haul. Also, unfortunately, there are some incredibly bad practices out there that justify why it gets such a bad name.

These include, amongst many more …

• Setting up a Facebook group for your products and automatically adding people to it without their consent.
• Adding anyone and everyone, whether you know or them or not, as a friend on Facebook to add them to your group as per the point above or to then send them spammy private messages.
• Misleading prospects that you are doing way better than you are to deceptively lure them in as a consultant.
• Promising prospects it will be an easy way to make money from home and the results will be fast and the income huge. You and I both know this just isn’t the case.
• Going into numerous Facebook groups to just sell, sell, sell!!!! It’s yucky!! No one likes it. It is doing you far more harm than good.

At the end of the day, keep it honest, keep it simple, build relationships and be prepared to give it plenty of time

Take a look through my MLM marketing tips below and if you need more help, get in touch.

MLM Marketing Tips

1. Know your target market

Know your target market for who you want to become a team member and who you want to buy your products. These are quite possibly two different people to start with. Who are they, what are their interests and where do they hang out?

2. Understand needs

If you want to sign up team members, understand their needs and what drives them to want to make a change in their life. What problem do they have and how you can solve it?

3. Find out their why

When talking to them, find out their why. What do they want that network marketing could provide for them? Is this financial freedom, time freedom, being in control of having their own business or something else? Find out the driving force that will keep them committed for the long term.

4. Be honest

When recruiting, set realistic expectations. It will take longer to find consultants but the ones who know the truth about the length of time and dedication it takes to make it will stick around for much longer than those who get sugar-coated half-truths.

5. Understand your target market

To sell your products, as above, know your target market and what problem they want to solve. Get specific on the benefits your products provide.

6. Niche down

Become the expert on a particular product range rather than trying to sell all things to all people. If one of your products has helped someone you know cure their eczema, research this subject, know the product and its benefits as to how it helps alleviate the problem. Focus on this in your marketing. If someone says they look and feel 10 years
younger by using skincare products, again, research and focus on this one product range.

7. Focus on one thing at a time

If you try to promote too many products at once you will dilute your message and appeal to no one. (see point 6 above). Focus on products to appeal to your niche and promote to these people. By choosing one key product area, you can join groups that talk about the specific problem your product alleviates and become active in conversations.

8. Build relationships

DON’T try to sell immediately but build relationships so that people start to trust you and then over time you can introduce them to your products. (obviously, if someone is showing a strong interest in a product sell to them)

9. Get creative

Get creative with your marketing message. MLM posts all sound the same. Create something different to stand out from the crowd (within your company limitations)

10. Be consistent and persistent

Be patient and prepared to see this through for the long term. Success will be won through tenacity and perseverance. Create yourself a plan, write this down and stick to it! It will take time but the only way you will see results is to not give up.