Yes, that time of year is rapidly sweeping towards us again and it’s time to be thinking about to take advantage of the Christmas shopping splurge.

Whatever business you are in, think about how you can create interest in people buying what you have as a Christmas gift.  Ok, if you’re an HR expert, this may not be quite so easy but for most small business owners, if you get creative you can come up with something that can be given as a gift.

Here a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:


  • Gift vouchers

Easy to create and the perfect gift for any business to promote


  • Free gift wrapping service

If you have a physical product, a free gift wrapping service can be a godsend for those of who hate grappling with the Sellotape and scissors.


  • Offer a gift with a purchase

Choose something you have that is of low value for you to provide but of great value to the recipient to entice them to buy.  This could be a sample of your product or a complimentary trial of your service.


  • Create a gift bundle

Pull together a number of your offering and package together to create a festive gift bundle.  Offer this at a special price that is lower than if all the products were purchased individually.


  • Create a Christmas themed product or service

Do you have something that you create a festive theme for?  If you are an artist then it’s easy.  Create some specially designed Christmas cards or gift tags.  If you are in the service based industry think about something along the lines of a ‘Christmas stress reducer massage’ or similar to say thank you to the person who has prepared the Christmas dinner.


  • Create a stocking filler

At this time of year, people are always looking for last minute stocking fillers.  This could be one of your vouchers or a small or lower cost item.


  • Create a Christmas gift ideas page on your website.

So many people get stuck for ideas but have a price bracket in mind for what they want to spend.  Set up a separate page on your website for your products and services and pop them into different pricing brackets.

  • Gifts under £10.
  • Gifts under £50.
  • Gifts under £100 etc.

Make sure you explain the benefits of buying your offerings for the Christmas period.


So there are a few ideas to get you going.  Do you have any of your own?  Pop them in the comments box below.

P.S.  If you would like to see the Facebook live broadcast I did on this subject and to join in with any comments or questions, pop over and have a watch now.