Sometimes you just need to take a day out.  Are you feeling drained, stressed out or exhausted?  Do you feel like you need a day out to hide in the shadows, curl up in a ball and have a good cry or maybe just a long overdue sleep?  Do you feel like you are having a mini meltdown?

Every day, as women running our own small businesses, we are bombarded with the messages of being positive, not giving up, keep soldiering forward etc.  We feel we have to put our superwoman cloak on every day and never stop juggling the many hats we wear.  But sometimes I don’t think it hurts to just hide away and admit it is tough and you just don’t have the energy anymore.

This may be due to business being sluggish or slow and you not achieving the results you want as fast as you want, or it could be down to trying hold together a family at the same time as your business and things seem to be falling apart at the seams.

By having some time out you are not giving in or admitting defeat.  You are just have a well-earned break and giving yourself some head space and self-sympathy for all that you have been having to cope with.

Sometimes having a mini meltdown can be incredibly therapeutic.  After having that time to let all your feelings out, you can feel a sense of relief that actually gives you the energy to get and go at it all again.  It is said that it is only when you hit rock bottom that you can truly pick yourself and move forward.

When you hit those times of feeling overwhelmed and like you are drowning under the weight of your responsibilities, find somewhere to shut off.  If you are at home with family around you, tell them you are poorly and go lock yourself in the bedroom and hide under the duvet.  Don’t feel guilty.  Don’t try to figure it all out.  Just close your eyes and let the feelings flow.

When you have had a rest and feel ready, you can then start to get your thoughts out on paper, refocus on what you are trying to achieve and prioritise what you need to do to get back on track.  And then you can start to plan those priorities in baby steps.

But that is for later.  Have this down time.  It will come at some point so expect it and be prepared for it.  Don’t let it scare you and don’t try to fight it.  Accept it, take that break and realise you are only human after all.  You can go back to being Superwoman again tomorrow.