Do you struggle to keep your housework under control when working from home and running your home business?  Yes?  It sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  You are at home all day but the housework just doesn’t seem to get done!

When I was in my corporate job, there was a clear distinction between work and home and I would designate the weekends to get the housework done.  But when you run a home business, the lines are blurred into one.  You can either get distracted whilst leaving your work to go get a cup of tea and end up doing the laundry or the alternative which happens to me, you mean to get the housework done but just can’t tear yourself away from doing that one niggling work task that is outstanding.

Get your home under control and save your sanity

So here’s my trick to help get the housework under control.  Each morning and each evening, do a 30-minute dash.  Set yourself some specific tasks for each day and see how much you get done using this method.  I honestly swear by it.  Each morning I get up and do my 30-minute dash on something like cleaning the bathroom and shower room, dusting the bedrooms, vacuuming the floor, putting the laundry through etc.  And then I repeat this each evening with another task.

As a bit of a list freak, I created myself a planner with different tasks for each day to help me keep the housework under control.  I also added a column for my key daily work task and then another for personal life such as taking time out to read, doing exercise and making time for friends and family.

Sanity planner for working from home

I call it my weekly sanity planner and it takes no more than an hour each day to keep my housework under control, although a little longer on a Saturday and time out for yourself on a Sunday.

It really is amazing what you can achieve when you set a timer and challenge yourself to achieve something within a set time and by using such an incredibly simple planner, I feel so much more in control which reduces my stress and makes me feel like a domesticated goddess!  (Well, some days at least).

If you would like to save your sanity when working from home and want a copy of my personal planner and a blank one for your own use, let me know in the comments below.