A day in the life of an entrpreneur

A day in the life of an entrpreneur

A day in the life of an entrepreneur (Based on true life events)

Yes, the following really did happen!!

Just for fun (and possibly so that if you have days like this you know you are not alone) I thought I would share with you a real (although thankfully not typical) day whilst trying to run my home business.  Please do let me know in the comments if you ever have days like this.


7:30 am Woke up fired with enthusiasm and my work all planned out for the day.  Today is going to be super productive and nothing will stop me!

8:00am Came downstairs and found the cat had been sick on the floor.  Cleared it up.  Turned around and the other cat had brought a mouse in (which was still obviously had a heartbeat) and was now chasing it around the kitchen.  The dog promptly joined in the chase.  The sickly cat joined in the chase.  I joined in the chase and eventually managed to win by chasing them all out the back door.

8:20am Now exhausted and in dire need of a cuppa!

8:30am  Sat down with cuppa and started going through emails.  Ooh, look!! Another challenge and another free course!!  Let me sign up quickly!!  Let me waste more time skipping through the numerous emails from these courses and challenges that I never seem to get the time to partake in!

9:15am  Emails complete.  Client queries replied to.  Junk deleted.  Only about 49 outstanding in my inbox to read properly when I get the time and all of them relating to things I have subscribed to (many dating back a few months or more).

Now on to Facebook to check messages ….

9:55am Haven’t checked any messages yet as have been distracted by funny memes, updates by friends and an ongoing local saga in the town news group.

SHIT!!  I am due to do a Facebook Live in my own group at 10:00am

10:01 am  Facebook Live set up and ready to go.  Wonder why no one joining me.  Realise bloody internet connection has dropped again.  Move to another room and go live again.  Joy!  Connection!  Had forgotten to shut door properly though and hound in the shape of a rather large and boisterous Labrador comes bounding in and knocks the camera over.

Camera retrieved, apologies made and broadcast continues.  Somewhere amongst chasing dog out, cat has managed to sneak in with another bloody mouse (or is it the same one).  This one is looking very much worse for wear so is probably the original one whose heart has now given up.  Try to continue broadcasting whilst hoping no one else can hear the crunching of bones coming from the corner of the room and trying not to be distracted by the mess I was going to have to clean up.

10:30 am  Look back on broadcast recording and cringe.  Time for another cuppa.

10:45 am Right then.  Back to work with a vengeance.  Dog starts going crazy and jumping at door.  Delivery man has arrived with parcel for son.  I do believe my son has shares in ASOS the number of deliveries he gets each day.  Dog jumps at delivery man and knocks scanner out of his hand.  Dog picks scanner up off floor before either delivery driver or I can grab it and runs off around the front garden with it.

11:00am Second game of chase over for the day.  Back to work.  Better just quickly check in on Facebook first to make sure I’m not missing any life changing event.

11:50am Abruptly alerted from my Facebook antics by phone ringing.  Answer the phone and it is my elderly mother.  She has cut her leg and needs to get the doctor immediately before she bleeds to death.  Oh shit!!  Rush off to her house which is luckily not too far away (or unluckily I sometimes think), to find a small cut and small dribble of blood!  Take her to doctor.  Wait for 45 minutes for her to be seen.  Eventually she has sutures and dressing and I take her home.  Dropped her off at her home and told her I couldn’t hang around as had work to do.  She said she understood and then started to reel off a few jobs she would like me to do when I ever had the chance as I was always so busy.  Guilt trip on its way!!!

12:30pm  Back at home and back to work.  Just sit down and doorbell rings.  Get up and it the man to read the meters.  Total chaos ensues as crazy dog runs off to grab ball and proceeds to keep dropping it on poor man’s feet to try and get him to play.  Realise gas meter is in the room I moved to when doing Facebook live broadcast and remains of mouse haven’t been cleaned up yet.  Oh, the embarrassment!

12:40pm Meter man gets out of house eventually and mouse innards cleaned away.  Back to work.  Oh, but hang on.  It’s nearly lunch time.  Might as well eat first.

1pm Quick lunch eaten.  A not too healthy snack of a half-eaten pasty found at the back of the fridge.  I promise myself to go shopping later and pre-prepare some healthy food for the rest of the week.

Back to work.  Oh, but wait!  I haven’t been on Facebook for at least an hour.  I had better check in again.

1:45pm Phone goes.  An emergency!  Apparently, my computer has a virus and this has been picked up by the wonderful people in an Indian call centre who work for Microsoft and they are going to talk me through how to fix it.  Aren’t they kind?  I should have just hung up but couldn’t resist the urge to string them along and confuse the hell out of them.  Another 10 minutes wasted.

1:55pm I really am going to knuckle down now and get this work done.  Dog starts bouncing around like Bambi on speed!  I am never going to get any peace if I don’t take her for a walk.  Let’s just get it over and done with.

2:30pm Short and sweet dog walk done.  Back home.  Phone rings.  Now someone is concerned that I have had a recent car accident and if I just give them my bank details and inside leg measurement they will get me compensation.

2:35pm  That reminds me, I haven’t checked my bank statement this week.  Go online to check.  It will only take 2 minutes.  Hang on!  What’s that transaction?  And that one?  Bloody hell!  Bank account has been hacked.  This is an emergency.  Everything else on hold.

4pm Fraud team at bank trying to sort things out.  Nerves frayed.  Card cancelled.  Think I need a G&T!  Better stick to a cuppa though.  Phone goes.  It’s mother again.  When did I say I would be available to do those odd jobs for her?  She had forgotten.  Maybe by Christmas at this rate!

4:15pm  Damn, haven’t started anything for dinner and hubby and son due home at 5:30pm.  Quick dash to shop to get something for dinner and to get healthy foods for lunches.

The place is packed!  How can I get out of here as quickly as possible?  Right in front of me is a special offer on Fray Bentos pies.  I haven’t seen, let alone eaten, one of those for at least 20 years.  (if you don’t know or have forgotten, these are the steaks pies cooked in a tin).  It would be quick and easy and a blast from the past so I grab a couple and head to the checkout which has a short queue.  The big shop can wait until tomorrow.

4:45pm  Home again.  Will cook dinner and work this evening.  Go to take top of tin off to cook the pie.  Apply tin opener to tin and nothing happens.  Try again.  Still no success.  What the hell is going on?  Son arrives home early at 5pm.  Ask him to try to open tin.  He has a go.  No success.  Maybe it the new-fangled tin opener we have.  Pop over to neighbour and borrow theirs.  Bring it back and try again.  No joy.  Son puts extra pressure on neighbour’s tin opener and promptly breaks it.

5:30pm  Husband arrives home and wonders what on earth is going on.  Son and I now have one pie tin each and are trying our best to work out how to open them.  Tool box is on worktop with every contraption going out and in use.  Still no joy!  Go on to Fray Bentos Facebook page.  LOADS of complaints as apparently, you need a specific type of tin opener to open the tins!!  WTF!!

Sod it.  I’m getting a take out.

7pm  Take out purchased, eaten and dishes washed etc.  Must sit down and get some bloody work done!  Hang on, have to take neighbours somewhat looking worse for wear tin opener back and explain.  Oh, the embarrassment!  Took bottle of wine to apologise and promised to get replacement tomorrow.  Neighbour quite chilled, found the whole episode quite funny and invited me to join in drinking the wine.  Oh well, it would be rude not to.

8:30pm Back home.  Can I squeeze in an hour of work?  Yes, I really must do something productive today if only for a short while.  Oh but hang on, what have I missed on Facebook!!!  Having withdrawal symptons.  Better go check quickly.  Just for 5 minutes I promise.

8:55pm  Bloody hell!  Been on Facebook too long again.  Turn it off and determined to get just one task done.

9pm  Husband shouts to me.  Have I forgotten the Walking Dead is starting now?  Hurry up and get downstairs.  AAARRGGHHHH.  I simply can’t miss it.  It’s the first episode of the new series.

10pm  Far too traumatised by watching The Walking Dead to even contemplate doing any work now.

Tomorrow is another day ………..