Move forward with life

Move forward with life

Move forward with lifeDo you want to move forward with life?

If the answer to this is yes (and please seek professional help if the answer is no), then is wallowing in the past halting your forward movement?

If you are driving your car to a destination, what is the one most important thing to do?  The obvious answer is to look forward and focus on what is in front of you and where you are going.

So why do so many of us in our lives, metaphorically, keep looking in the rear view mirror?  If we continue to do this we are only going to go off track, slow down so much that we never get anywhere at all, or worst of all, crash.

We really do need to learn that to move forward with life and achieve new goals, we need to stop focusing on the past.

Yes, the past will have taught us many valuable lessons and these we need to take forward with us, but constantly having our eye in that rear view mirror can only lead to unhappiness and failure.  By constantly looking in the rear view mirror, we may miss opportunities ahead and will most certainly miss the beauty of what is around us at the present time.

So next time you find yourself dwelling over something that has happened to you previously, try and imagine your life is a car journey.  Look forward.  Focus on the future journey and where you are going, not where you have been.

An odd glance in the rear view mirror can be useful at times to see how far we have come in our lives and to see what obstacles we have just missed or overcome, but the front view window to your future is so much more important.

I truly wish you all the best with whatever journey you are on to move forward with life.  Keep looking forward.

Much love

Angie x