Office exercises

Office exercises

Anyone visiting me at my office may think I have gone mad!

I decided to once again try and find some exercises to counteract the fact that I am sitting down for most of the day in the office at the moment and my rear end is suffering from it.

This took me back to when I worked in previous employment and decided to come up with some office exercises.  To start with, every time I visited the ladies’ room, I did 10 squats before sitting down on the toilet.  After a few times and when my legs started to feel the pain, I made the mistake of sharing this sensitive information with one of my colleagues.

This had the knock-on effect of then creating as many exercises as we could during our day to day work.

We tried lifting the telephone received 10 times but it wasn’t heavy enough so that idea when out the window.

So we started doing lunges when walking through the office which got some very strange looks!

At the water cooler, there is always a spare bottle so we tried to lift one of those a few times before getting our drink

We actually tried doing an office circuit incorporating as many things as we could to try and retain some fitness and tone up our office arses!  After initially being mocked, the majority of the office agreed to join in our lunchtime plank challenge.

So there you have it.  Sometimes the silly ideas are the best and the small things can make a big change.

I am off to think up some more office exercises to do in my home office and hope the postman doesn’t pass the window whilst I am trying them out!

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