Do you have an accountability buddy?

I was reading an article this week and came across this quote:

“The low points in a startup are so low that few could bear them alone”
~ Paul Graham 

And how true this is.

Within the article, it stated no one can succeed in business by going it alone. It stressed how important it is to get support from other entrepreneurs who are at the same stage as you and can understand what you are going through and from those with more experience who have been there before you and come through the other side. By connecting with others, you no longer feel alone and you no longer have to face obstacles on your own.  You realise that others are having exactly the same problems as you and you can share ideas together to help you get over your hurdles. So if you feel that you are struggling with your business, reach out to others for help. Share your struggles, your goals and your successes. Pair up with an accountability buddy and use each other to plan and review your progress each week.

As part of my Small Business Kit, there is a secret Facebook group to give women the support they need but may not be able to find immediately to hand. It is somewhere individuals can come in confidence and share their thoughts and feelings about their business that they may not necessarily want to air in public.  And they must just find their accountability buddy in there.  If you haven’t already, seriously think about joining.

I really don’t want you to suffer in silence.