As members move through my Small Business Kit, it is so heartwarming to get testimonials constantly flooding in.  And like anyone else, I am more than happy to shout out about them.

These include:

“Wow! I’m a few lessons into module one, and I can wholeheartedly agree or resonate with literally everything you have said Angie! It is amazing how ‘on my wavelength’ you are. I find myself getting excited to put my laptop on and get to work on the course – no more procrastinating. This week, I managed to make more money than I probably ever have in a single week (not a huge amount of money in the grand scheme of things, but very good for me!) and when I counted my takings this week I almost cried with happiness!”

“Oh my goodness this course is amazing only on Module 1 part 2! How things have changed! I think if I had done this course 6 months ago would have been totally different answers than today!!!

But on the flip side, a few ladies who had been members for a while have seen these testimonials in our private Facebook group and got thrown by them.  They felt fed up, they were almost angry at these results other members were getting and they let themselves get disillusioned and decided to cancel their membership.

But why did they let themselves feel like this?  No, they weren’t getting the same results and there was one clear reason why.

They didn’t actually put the course into action!!


A couple of them hadn’t even watched the pre-course homework that would have set them up for success!  They had one person only to blame and that was them.  And I seriously suspect that in 12 months’ time they won’t have moved forward with their business much at all and may well have given up.

So, lady, are you prepared to step up and take responsibility for your business success or are you waiting for that magic wand to appear and waft success and money out of thin air for you?

Don’t let anyone tell you that building a successful business is easy.  It takes hard work.  It takes dedication.  It takes having to get up and show up and do the work when you least feel like it.  It takes persistence and it takes consistency.

So if you sign up for a program and it doesn’t work for you, may I suggest you take a good hard look at why it didn’t work?  Did you really give it 100% and action all the points you learned?  Or did you skim a few bits, thought you would do them later and head off to the beach for the rest of the day?

Sometimes reality is harsh and it can hurt to take this criticism on the chin.

At the end of the day, your success is all down to you.