Are you overwhelmed with your social media?

How to use social media for business is a much sought after answer for so many starting and growing their business. There are now so many social media channels to choose from and each has its own characteristics and best practice rules.

If you are frustrated and overwhelmed with your social media efforts you’re not alone! In my Absolutely Fabulous Business Women group recently, when I asked a question about social media, so many were tinkering with it but unsure what they were doing.

Comments varied from:

“I use it but I loathe it!”

“I use Facebook and Instagram but I don’t know how to use them properly”

“There’s so much to learn”

“I dip into Insta but don’t really understand it tbh.”

“I don’t understand it”

“I’m always concerned my posts and pictures are not good enough quality so it puts me off posting.”

But help is at hand!!

How to use social media for business guide

If you’re unsure how to use social media for business, there is a fabulous guide available.

Huge thanks go to Mapp Marketing who has let us have their Social Media Best Practice Guide – for FREE!

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed with social media to the point you actually give up.

But, with a proper strategy, you can quickly nail your social media and use it to help hit your larger business goals – because that’s really what it’s all about.

As Francesca from Mapp Marketing says “It’s no good having social media accounts for your brand if you’re only posting photos of your cat or your latest meal.

Your followers want to see your latest cool product or hear about how your new service is going to change their life.”

Download this how-to use social media for business guide for FREE and get a walkthrough of the basics of a strong, consistent, on-brand social media presence.

This guide is perfect for anyone starting out in social media, as well as for businesses who feel their social content has gone a bit stale.

You’ll get straight-talking, simple advice which you can put into practice today, plus real examples from social media accounts that are killing it (don’t worry, they don’t all have millions of followers).

Download your guide now and if you need any hands-on help or advice, get in contact with Francesca at Mapp Marketing or contact me for further help.